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Olga Soldatova

Olga Soldatova is a well-known Moscow artist and one of the most recognizable Russian stylists. Her lines are powerful and distinct, her volumes balanced: one would like to imagine that her architectural background makes itself felt here. In these images, which combine Pompeii and art deco, artificial Soviet joyousness and mythologized Roman athleticism, there is nevertheless quite a lot that is taken from our times.

My Darling.jpg

My Darling

100cm x 100cm 

Semiprecious Stones, Beads, Canvas


NIkolina Gora.jpg

Nikolina Gora

80cm x 110cm 

Bugle Beads on Panel.


Young Skier.jpg

Young Skier

80cm x 100cm 

Bugle Beads on Panel


Flight to the Sun.jpg

Flight to the Sun

45cm x 75cm 

Semiprecious Stones on Panel


Rise and Shine .jpg

Rise and Shine

85cm x 120cm 

Bugle Beads on Panel.


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