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Online Viewing Room

01 - 30 June 2021
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About The Gallery of Happiness


Over the past two months, @creative.fellowship initiative for promising young talents together with our SAAS Gallery have held a visual art contest on the theme ‘happiness’ among promising young artists from Guatemala, Ukraine, North Macedonia, UK, and Austria.


'The Gallery of Happiness' is a virtual exhibition of twenty seven artworks chosen by the Selection Committee at the end of the contest. The gallery opened on 1 June 2021 and the opening was timed to coincide with International Children’s Day.

This virtual exhibition is held within a framework of the @cretaive.fellowship partnership with the Salzburg Festival’s “Jung&Jed*r” program for children and youth. The exhibition is curated by Petra Zublasing, an Italian Olympic athlete and a professional visual artist.

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Emilia Petrova_Portrait_Charcoal on Pape
Emilia Petrova. Portrait, Charcoal on Paper 21x29,7cm.

Emilia is a young artist from North Macedonia, she is 16 y.o.

Marija Zdraveva_Watercolor.png
Marija Zdraveva. Untitled, Watercolor on Paper.

'When I watch the ocean I feel calm, warm and blessed. Sunsets are so powerful to me... This is what makes me happy. And when someone talks about happiness, I think of nature first'.

Marija Zdraeva, 14 y.o., North Macedonia

Pattern3 .png
Angela Jankulova_Gouache on Paper_29,7x2

Angela Jankulova. Untitled, Gouache on Paper, 29,7x21cm

'In life we have day and night, light and darkness. Happiness is complex term, it can not  be described only with words, it needs to be described with feelings'. 

Angela Jankulova, 14 y.o., North Macedonia,


Guatemala_Colored Pencil on Paper_21x29,

Jeanneris Arriola. Untitled, Colored Pencil on Paper, 21x29,7cm.

Jeanneris is a young artist living in Guatemala

Karina Legka. St-John the Baptist Day: in search for women happiness. Gouache on Paper, 21x33cm

Ukrainians used to believe that both festivities and rituals of St-John the Baptist day would protect their houses, heal the sick ones, predict happy life for the whole family... In my painting I also show a stork, symbolising both happiness and perpetuation.

Karina Legka, 15 y.o., Ukraine

Tirza Debroy. Untitled, Photograph, 12x15cm


Tirza is a young artist from Guatemala.

Funda Redzep. One Step Closer. Photograph, 16x21cm

Pattern3 .png
Funda Redzep_One Step Closer_Photo_16x21

'And the day will come when life will look at your tired face with a smile and say; be ready, it's your turn to be happy...' 

Funda Redzep, 18 y.o., North Macedonia

Aleksandar Tomov_Ink on Paper_21x29,7cm.

Aleksandar Tomov. Untitled, Ink on paper. 21x29,7

Aleksandr is a young artist from North Macedonia, and he is 12 y.o.

Karina Legka_Gouache on

Blaze Mancev. Untitled, Guache on Paper, 21x29,7cm

Blaze Mancev_Guache on Paper_21x29,7cm.p

Blaze Mancev is a young artist from North Macedonia.

Anastasia Lavrenyuk_Photo_6x8cm.png

Anastasia Lavrenyuk. Happiness, Photograph, 6x8​ cm

Happiness always surrounds us, although we are used to not noticing it, focusing on the difficulties of life... While taking this photo, I felt absolute comfort and peace of mind... You never know where to find that very moment of quiet happiness.

Josue Debroy. Untitled, Photograph, 16x20cm.


Joshua is a young artist from Guatemala.


Jeanneris Arriola. Untitled, Photograph, 12x15cm.


Jeanneris is a young artist from Guatemala.


Karina Legka. Space tourist, Ink on Paper, 21x29,7cm

Funda Redzep. Come on, smile. Photograph, 16x21cm

Karina Ledka_Ink on Paper_21x29,7cm.png

'People could not reach the space for a long time. What a great happiness for a little child's heart was to know that a human being had conquered the space on the 12 April, 1961. Yuriy Gagarin made the dream of many boys and girls come true. Making real big dreams means happiness'.

Karina Legka, Ukraine

'To be happy means to make another person smile and see him happy while smiling'. 

Funda Redzep. 18 y.o., North Macedonia @funda_redzep 

Funda Redzep_Come on, Smile_Photo_16x21c
Lyudmila Ledka_Gouache on

Lyudmila Legka. Holy Protection. Gouache on Paper, 21x33 cm

'Peace: these five letters mean so much happiness for the people... Peace all over the world means happiness for the most people... Religious people believe that the Mother of God cares about the world, take care of humans, and warn them to live in peace and calm'. 

Lyudmila Legka, 13 y.o., Ukraine 

Glorija Velkova_Beginning of Life_Photo_

Glorija Velkova. Beginning of Life. Photograph, 12x15cm

'For the collection of happiness I have chosen this picture of my Christmas flower that I took last Christmas. For me happiness means beginning of life'.

Glorija Velkova, 18 y.o., North Macedonia

Pattern3 .png

Tirza Debroy. Untitled, Mosaic.

Tirza is a young artist from Guatemala.

Julija Janeva_Gouache on Paper_ 21x29,7c

Julija Janeva. Always happy surrounded by nature, Gouache on Paper, 21x29,7cm

Julija is a young artist from North Macedonia, she is 13 y.o.

Martina Gazepova_Tear of Joy_Charocal on

Martina Gazepova. A tear of Joy, Charocal on paper.

'When we talk about happiness we think of people smiling but think about it... when our wish comes true we do smile yes but we often cry of happiness as well.  It’s a tear of joy'.

Martina Gazepova, North Macedonia, 15 y.o.


Lisovenko Oleksiy_Photo_12x15cm.png

Oleksiy Lisovenko. My younger brother,

Photograph, 12x15cm

'My brother younger is happy when he is busy with his hobby researching the insects... 'Happiness' for me is to see my brother interested, and to capture these moments on photos'.

Oleksiy Lisovenko, 17 y.o., Ukraine

Lyudmila Ledka_Gouache on Paper_21x33cm.

Lyudmila Legka. Christmas Carol. Gouache on Paper, 21x33 cm

Happiness is an experience and feelings you wish to share. The main goal of Christmas carols is to announce good news about the birth of the Son of God, so that the singers wish happiness, health, harmony, rich harvest and prosperity to each house. 

Lyudmila Legka, 13 y.o., Ukraine

Monika Ristova_Charcoal on Paper_21x29,7

Monika Ristova. Untitled, Charcoal on Paper, 21x29,7 cm

Pattern3 .png

Monika Ristova is a young artist from North Macedonia, she is 14 y.o.

Semra Rashiti_See the things from your p

Semra Rashiti. Obvious solution is not always the correct one, 29,7x42 cm

Semra Rashit_Books are the light that li

Semra Rashiti. Books are the light of our life, Acrylic on Paper, 21x29,7cm

Sometimes you can fall from that way, but you’ll always have another hand that will help you to find the right. 

Semra Rashiti, 21 y.o., North Macedonia

@ semrarashiti

Oleksandr Tunik_Photo_8x6cm.png

Oleksandr Tunik. Untitled, Photograph, 8x6cm

'Happiness for me is to have a person next to me who is ready to share with me the joy of being. The beauty of nature and the world around me gives me energy; and family warmth - a sense of security'.

Oleksandr Tunik, 14 y.o., Ukraine


Valeria Boyko_Cross Stitch.png

Valeria Boyko. Beadwork, Cross Stitch.

'Towel is a symbol of the union of a new family, and the family is always happiness. Couples of pigeons are embroidered on wedding towels as a symbol of love and harmony'. 

Valeria Boyko, Ukraine

Yaroslav Byshnovenko_Gouache on

Yaroslav Vyshnovenko. Sweet victory. Gouache on Paper

'In my artwork, I am showing the victory of an adult man in a rally.  I imagined how as a small boy he was dreaming about this victory and how he devoted all his time to the training... I believe that happiness lies in making dreams coming true.'

Yaroslav Vyshnovenko, Ukraine


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