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Ekaterina Posetselskaya

Ekaterina Posetselskaya, is a renowned Russian artist, a granddaughter of Mark Chagall. She's a member of the International Federation of Artists, IFA, the Union of Artists of Russia, and the Taylor Foundation. Her solo exhibition took place at SAAS Gallery in Spring 2019. Here you will find Ekaterina's works depicting landscapes of Paris and St-Petersburg, her two favourite cities. The extreme simplicity of artistic means and, at the same time, the refined expressiveness of works by Ekaterina make her related to such coryphées of the Paris school as Maurice Utrillo and Albert Marquet.


Notre Dame de Paris. Sunset

35cm x 25cm Pastel. Cardboard.



Sycamore Trees of Paris

35cm x 25cm Pastel, Cardboard.



Notre Dame de Paris in the Morning Rays

35cm x 25cm Pastel. Cardboard.



Winter in Paris

70cm x 100cm Pastel, Acrylic, Paper.



Eiffel Tower on a Rainy Day

35cm x 25cm Pastel, Paper .



The last day of August

50cm x 70cm Pastel, Paper.


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